The Bicon 2007 team

Here's who the team are, and what we do

The Bicon 2007 team consists of…

  • Laura, Event coordinator and Ents officer
  • Faerierhona, Event coordinator, admin, bookings and communications
  • Olethros, technical
  • Karen, workshops and reception
  • Helen, disability officer
  • Marc, advisor and assistant to disability officer
  • Gary, finance
  • Isabel, volunteers

Contacting the 2007 team

If you'd like to contact us, drop a note to whichever of the below addresses seems most appropriate to your enquiry.

  • Registration bookings@deleted
  • Workshops workshops@deleted
  • Helping Hand Fund helpinghand@deleted
  • Anything else enquiries@deleted

Please help!

Every Bicon is run, not just by that year's team, but by the many other volunteers who offer to help out in advance and on the day. If you'd like to help, please just let us know and we'll be very happy to hear from you.

(Underlined names had a page with more info about them, but none of these are available at The 2007 team changed greatly between January 2007, when this page was created, and the event itself, but this was not reflected on the website.)