BiCon Taster Event

BiCon Taster, Dragon Hall, Stukeley Street WC2 – 18th February 2007 12pm-5pm

Now in its 25th year, Bi-con is the UK's annual conference/ convention for bisexuals and bi-friendly people. As part of the Camden LGBT History Month's events, come and sample an afternoon of taster sessions and discussions. Free.

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12:30pm – Are Bisexuals Conventional

Marcus Morgan

If bisexuals exist, where are they all? There's no bisexual pubs, very few bisexual club nights and no bisexual shops in Britain. The answer is – at BiCon. The convention (or conference) runs annually and is the best place to meet other bisexuals, find out about the bi scene or research bisexuality. But why should you go? What's it like? And is it a conference or a convention?

1:30pm – All About Bi

Jess Barker & Paul Crowley

Light-hearted discussion workshop on bisexual visibility in both history and our own lives. Which famous bis influenced our awareness of our own bisexuality? Come with stories of famous bis you know and love, gossip on current-day celebrity bis, or just come to hang out!

2:45pm – Bisexuality & Spirituality

Hen Griffiths

All too often, many mainstream religions frown on bisexuality. Is it possible to be bisexual and still have a religious or spiritual element to your life? This discussion workshop aims to find arguments for bisexuality from religious texts including the Old Testament and the Jewish Tanakh.

3:45pm – Bi in the Media

Meg Barker and Helen Bowes-Catton

Recently there has been much more mention of bisexuality in the media, with many celebrities and reality TV contestants identifying as bisexual or bi-curious, bisexual storylines on soap operas, and bisexual characters on popular television shows such as Dr Who. In this workshop we will discuss what we think of the way bisexuality is represented in the media, how we would ideally like to see bisexuality represented and what we might be able to do about that.

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