Workshops update

The workshop requests and ideas are coming in thick and fast, but there are more we'd like to see – and we have some ideas in need of volunteers.

Greetings from your friendly BiCon Workshop Co-ordinator.

Well, the workshop requests and ideas are coming in thick and fast., and filling up my timetable. So far, lovely people have volunteered to run:

  • First-timers
  • Massage for beginners
  • Naked Lunch
  • Writing Erotica to Share
  • Bi Research
  • Laughing Yoga
  • Storytelling
  • Old-timers
  • Cuddle Party
  • Paint BiCon
  • Body Image
  • Fetisher than Thou – on a budget
  • Disabled Labels
  • Bisexuality in Film and TV
  • Self-identity through Lego
  • The Future of the Bi Community in Wales
  • Trans-glamour
  • Bisexuality & Censorship
  • Massage for beginners

And there’s a lot more in the pipeline. But keep ‘em coming! We’d particularly like to see some dance and movement workshops, and more on disabilities, sexual health, gender roles, and trans and gender-queer issues.

We still need volunteers to run:

  • Fitting & Misfitting
  • Bisexuality for Beginners / Introduction to Bisexuality
  • Bi History
  • Polyamory for Beginners
  • Advanced Polyamory
  • Bi Activism
  • Fun & Games (probably two or three sessions)
  • Meeting People
  • Speed Dating
  • Bi Parenting

If you’d like to suggest a workshop topic you’d like to see covered, or discuss anything, drop me an email at workshops@deleted

If you’d like to run a workshop (either one of those above, or something different), please go to and fill out the workshops form.

Many thanks