Bicon Logo Competition

Announcing the Bicon 2007 logo competition

Hi all,

For BiCon 2007 we need a logo, and as a team find ourselves somewhat lacking in the necessary skills (ie some of us can't even make a matchstick man look like a matchstick man). So we are throwing this open as a competition, the winner will receive a warm glow from knowing they have helped us, the satisfaction of seeing their design all over the website/ t-shirts etc and acknowledgement/ thanks wherever appropriate. Oh, and the very first BiCon 2007 T-Shirt that is printed, free of charge as an extra little thank you.

We would like the logo to incorporate some, or all of the following:

  • Our "slogan" BiCon 2007: Building Bridges
  • The fact that it is in Wales (first Welsh BiCon)
  • That it is our 25th Anniversary

Please bear in mind that too much detail will be lost in the smaller size it is most likely to be seen in.

Please send all of your entries to enquiries@deleted by 30th November 2006, and we will announce the winner before Christmas.


The BiCon2007 Team