Coming soon

BiCon always has a vibrant programme, thanks in very large part to the variety of workshops. We'll be looking for ideas and volunteers to run workshops very soon – join the announce list or watch our news items and you'll see as soon as the call goes out.

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Call for Workshops

Can you contribute?

Workshops are a vital part of the BiCon event. We will be running a full programme of workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and we want to cover as many aspects as possible of bi lifestyle, culture, sex and sexuality.

Let us know which workshops you would like to see on the programme, volunteer to run a session, or suggest a topic. They can be as fun, serious, or silly as you wish them to be. Remember, this is your BiCon – let's make it great!

Interested in running a workshop? Register it here – and thank you!

If you have a good idea for a workshop you'd like to share, but hope someone else will run, or if you'd like to ask a question about workshops, get in touch at the following address: workshops@deleted

Don't forget to check the list of workshops proposed so far