BiCon update

Update on the status of BiCon 2007

Hi There

Just a quick update from your friendly BiCon team to let you know that we haven't forgotten about you! Due to circumstances beyond our control we have been having a few "teething" problems behind the scenes here at 07 HQ but will be up and running stronger than ever very soon. This will include payment options finally being opened online and by cheque, we just ask that you are a little more patient, not long now!

We are very grateful for all the help we have received so far and apologise to you all for not being a little quicker about things.

The press releases for BiCon 07 went out last week, and we have many many flyers cluttering up my living room at the moment, so if you belong to a bi group, a bi friendly knitting circle, a queer rock climbing gang – anywhere you think our flyers could be seen by people who need and want to come to BiCon, please drop me a line at and I can get them winging their way to you in the post.

Plus if anyone is making it to a Pride March in the next few weeks and wouldn't mind throwing flyers about a bit then please drop me a line with an address to send them to and I'll be happy and ever so grateful to you all.

Early Bird registration has been extended for another 2 weeks until 14/06/07, so please tell your friends to pop onto the website and register, we will of course keep you informed the second the online payments can be taken.

That's it so far, I am planning on doing an update on a regular basis from now on, bear with us and we hope to see you all in a just over 2 months!

Laura xxxxx