Update on payments

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for anyone who is paying or has paid for BiCon 2007 by cheque.

Hi there,

Despite our best efforts (and the best efforts of those who kindly helped us out), we here at BiCon 2007 have not been able to set up the bank account we wanted for all your lovely money.

With immense thanks to the London BiFest team, they have offered to lend us theirs as our time was growing short and we were growing skinter.

So we can now announce that we are now taking cheque payments for BiCon 2007 – HOWEVER you have to mark your cheque for BiFest – otherwise we cannot pay them in. If you would like to pay by cheque then please send them to us (or when you see one of us) with your name, address, email address and registration number (so we can match them up), and send them to –

Bicon 2007, old BM address deleted

If you are one of the lovely people who gave us a deposit at a previous Bi event, just deduct that amount from the cheque amount and let us know. We will be checking up, but every little prod helps at this stage.

If you have already given a cheque marked BiCon, then please drop us a line at finance@deleted and we will either give your cheque back to you at bicon or destroy it with your permission. Of course this means that you will need to send us another made payable to BiFest.

We're sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience more than you know. We are still trying to get a paypal set up and will let you know as soon as we can.

It's all go innit?

Laura xx

[To review your booking and see how much to pay, visit this page (broken link to online system)]