Online payment for BiCon 2007 is open

Online payment for BiCon 2007 is open from now until 16th July, 2007.

At last we can announce that we are now taking PayPal payments for BiCon! We thank you immensely for your patience in this matter, thank you again.

Please go and log into the BiCon website with your booking number & password and click the "Buy Now" button. For those of you who've applied to the Helping Hand Fund, there is information there for you too.

If you haven't adjusted who you would like to share a flat with on your booking form, please take a couple of minutes to re-add this information as due to a technical hitch we may have lost your preferences earlier this month (an email was sent out at the time about this.)

Due to the nature of Paypal, there will be a small fee for paying in this manner – unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this but we have tried to keep the fees to a minimum per booking transaction and scale. If you would like to pay without fees, please remember that we can still accept cheques (made payable to "BiFest" don't forget) and sent to the address on the site.

The deadline for booking for BiCon is Friday 13th July 2007 – tell your friends. The deadline to pay and secure your booking is noon on Monday 16th July 2007.

So what are you waiting for? Give us your money (please?)!! And we look forward to seeing you all there.

Thanks Laura xx