BiCon 2007

25th National UK Bisexual Gathering

16th – 20th August 2007, University of Glamorgan

A weekend of workshops, discussions and talks, as well as evening entertainments, DJs and bars. Meet other bisexual and bi-friendly people, relax and enjoy a space where bisexuality is the norm and the sense of an open and accepting community is strong. You don’t have to be bisexual to attend; you may have a bi partner, you may have bi friends, you may just not be quite ready to declare your sexuality yet. All we ask is that you are bi-friendly.

Attendees may be people of any age, gender, sexuality, location or background, and newcomers are sure to find a warm welcome waiting for them.

Registration will open at 18:00 on Thursday 16th August, with workshops starting on Friday, and the even scheduled to finish at noon on Monday 20th.

BiCon Handbook

The BiCon 2007 handbook and programme are now available, including essential information on the venue and how to get there.

You may download the handbook in MS Word or PDF version – especially if this is your first time attending.

If you'd like to download the programme before the event, it is also available in MS Word or PDF version

Registration & payment

Registration is now open for BiCon 2007 – pricing and details here. Our deadline for registering for on-site accommodation has closed, but we are still accepting bookings for the event itself.

To review your booking and pay, login at the registration page. We are currently accepting payment by cheque, postal order and now Paypal.

If you have paid or plan to pay by cheque please see this important information. Please note that we can no longer accept payments by cheque as they will not have time to clear before the event.

If you've already paid but you've not received an acknowledgement, then don't panic – everyone with a registration number will have a room if they asked for it. The central database attached to the automated reminder system hasn't been updated for a few days due to computer failure, but will be updated soon. Thanks for your patience!

BiCon support service

As in several previous years, we'll be offering support over the bicon weekend in the form of counsellors/trained listeners and first aiders. This service can only run if we can get volunteers, so if you have experience in either of these areas, please read on..

Call for Workshops

BiCon needs workshops, and we need you to provide or request them.. Register yours here and help make the event what it is.

Post our icons

Would you like to support BiCon 2007 on your website or journal? Download and use these icons.

Pictures from the site

See the venue for yourself right now! Details and pictures of the University of Glamorgan

Keep in touch

Further details will be available soon, so please …

  • check back here regularly for updates.
  • sign up to our email list: send a blank message to announce-join@deleted and follow the instructions you receive by return email.
  • Point your favourite RSS feed RSS browser at our News section: (old url deleted – no news posts since 2007!)
  • On Livejournal sign up to the RSS feed bicon2007news and the community bicon and on Myspace, the BiCon2007 group

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