Frequently Asked Questions about Bicon. This is written by members of the community, and is gratefully reproduced here. For attribution or usage queries, please contact webmaster@deleted.

What is Bicon?

How did Bicon start?

What does the name mean?

What kinds of things are included in the programme?

Why do people attend Bicon?

What is a Plenary?

What should I bring with me?

I'm questioning my sexuality. Will I be welcomed at Bicon?


Will everybody already know everyone else?

No! Approximately a third of the attendees each year are there for the first time, so even though you might feel alone when you arrive, it won’t be long before you meet people. We’ve all been there, and we’ll try to make sure that there are plenty of icebreaker-type opportunities to help ease things along. And hopefully, by the time you leave, you’ll have made some good friends.

Is everyone at Bicon kinky?

No! Some are, some aren't.

Does everyone just have sex all weekend? With lots of different people?


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