BiCon update

Update on the status of BiCon 2007

Hi There

Just a quick update from your friendly BiCon team to let you know that we haven't forgotten about you! Due to circumstances beyond our control we have been having a few "teething" problems behind the scenes here at 07 HQ but will be up and running stronger than ever very soon. This will include payment options finally being opened online and by cheque, we just ask that you are a little more patient, not long now!

We are very grateful for all the help we have received so far and apologise to you all for not being a little quicker about things.

The press releases for BiCon 07 went out last week, and we have many many flyers cluttering up my living room at the moment, so if you belong to a bi group, a bi friendly knitting circle, a queer rock climbing gang – anywhere you think our flyers could be seen by people who need and want to come to BiCon, please drop me a line at and I can get them winging their way to you in the post.

Plus if anyone is making it to a Pride March in the next few weeks and wouldn't mind throwing flyers about a bit then please drop me a line with an address to send them to and I'll be happy and ever so grateful to you all.

Early Bird registration has been extended for another 2 weeks until 14/06/07, so please tell your friends to pop onto the website and register, we will of course keep you informed the second the online payments can be taken.

That's it so far, I am planning on doing an update on a regular basis from now on, bear with us and we hope to see you all in a just over 2 months!

Laura xxxxx

Early bird pricing extended

Early bird pricing for BiCon 2007 has been extended to June 14th, 2007.

We're very grateful to all those who have signed up for BiCon 2007, and are eager to attend. We're still making arrangements for payment via Paypal, and plan to open this up soon. In the meantime, we've extended the deadline for early bird pricing to June 14th, 2007 – if you sign up before then, you will get the preferential rate.

The registration form and prices can be found at

Website updates

A summary of the changes we have made to the website this weekend, with downloads, information updates and maps as well as virtual tours of the BiCon site

We have been busy adding as much information as possible to the website, including

In the Download section:





(Icons to follow later)

Campus Map

In the Useful Information section

Community Information

Local Bi Groups

In the Venue Section

Virtual Tours

We have also been hard at work n the Handbook, which we hope to have available to download by the end of this month.

As always, if you have information you would like us to add, links you want us to put up, or questions please email us at BiCon2007Team@deleted

Feedback on the bookings site

We have received a lot of feedback on the bookings site – thank you!

Thank you for all your feedback on the bookings system, we have taken it on board and will be clarifying certain areas and adding further information next week.

The main question that has been asked is regarding the accommodation. A full weekend with accommodation will get you Thurs – Sunday night in the rooms. You may also book an extra night on Monday night if you wish, and we will add the cost for that once we have confirmed with the University.

With regards to the Helping Hand fund, please book as normal and put in the notes section that you would like to apply for Helping Hand. It would be a great help if you would let us know what you would need in order to be able to attend. We will not be able to confirm the level of assistance that we can give until after Early Bird Bookings have closed (31st May) but will let you know as soon as possible.

If you have any other queries, please email us on enquiries@deleted

In other news, tomorrow the team are visiting the site to confirm all facilities, after which we will update the website with further venue and accommodation information.

We look forward to seeing you there

The BiCon Team

BiCon 2007 registration has opened

Online registration for BiCon 2007 has now opened, with online payment following soon.

Pricing for BiCon 2007 has been announced, and online registration has now opened!

To see the prices and register, visit

You may register immediately to secure your place, and pay by Postal Order or Cheque. If you'd like to pay online, you can still register now, and we will send you an email when online payment is available.

BiCon 2007 registration opening soon

BiCon 2007 registration will be open in the next week.

We will be announcing pricing for BiCon 2007 and opening registration within the next week. You will be able to register online or by post, and pay by cheque/P.O. straight away. Online payment via paypal will follow shortly after – but won't prevent you registering and booking your place as soon as you wish.

Theme of the BiCon Ball

The theme of the BiCon ball is… "Heroes and Villains of the Silver Screen"

As this is the 25th BiCon (hands up who feels old?) the theme running throughout BiCon this year is Silver Anniversary – and what better theme for the BiCon Ball than "Heroes and Villains of the Silver Screen". That's right – if you've always had a dream of dressing up as Greta Garbo, Humphrey Bogart, Ellen Ripley, Neo or even Captain Jack Sparrow – then now is your chance. Whether you're a Jedi or a Sith, a Hobbit or an Ork, a dashing British spy or an evil mastermind or even a mild mannered reporter – getchya thinking caps on and get those films out for some inspiration. The possibilities are almost endless, why not get together with other attendees and pick a film to represent?

On the day before the ball there will be costume making workshops for those who have the ideas but don't have the sewing skills, or even those who get grabbed by inspiration while at BiCon. The evening will consist of movie related fun and games (with prizes!), wonderful costumes, music, dancing and much much more. We do hope you enjoy it as much as we have organizing it!

BiCon taster event programme announced

The programme for the free BiCon Taster Event in Covent Garden, London, on Sunday 18 February, has been announced.

Have you ever wondered what BiCon is about? Been tempted to go but not sure if it's your thing? Worried about what sort of people go there?

Then come to the BiCon taster event next month and meet this year's BiCon crew. We'll be on hand to answer any questions you might have, provide you with drinks and snacks and show you where our 4 workshops are being held.

BiCon Taster, Dragon Hall, Stukeley Street WC2 – 18th February 2007 12pm-5pm

Now in its 25th year, Bi-con is the UK's annual conference/ convention for bisexuals and bi-friendly people. As part of the Camden LGBT History Month's events, come and sample an afternoon of taster sessions and discussions. Free.

The full programme and map to the venue may be found at the BiCon 2007 website

Mini BiCon Taster event

There will be a "mini BiCon taster" event as part of LGBT History Month in Covent Garden, London on Sunday 18th Febuary 2007.

As one of the organisers of this years National Bisexual Convention, to be held in Glamorgan in August, I'm pleased to announce that Camden LGBT has decided to offer us a "mini BiCon taster" event as part of LGBT History Month in February.

This event will take place at Dragon Hall in Covent Garden on Sunday 18th February 2007, from 12 till 5. There will be informal workshops, meet and greet space, refreshments and a chance to meet and chat to other bisexuals – not to mention this years BiCon Team. It's a great way to find out what this years BiCon has for you and how hard we have all worked over the past 25 years to make BiCon the huge success it is today.

Flyers for the entire months events are available here. (Broken link to deleted)

We do hope that you can spread the word about this even and BiCon 2007, and we look forward to see you there!

Kind regards Laura

Ents Specific Volunteers

A call for Entertainments volunteers

While we all know that BiCon is growing every year, entertainment is becoming a bigger and bigger part of that, so we are starting to need people with specific experience to join the volunteers.

If you have experience of any of the following and would like to help make this BiCon's Ents the best ever, please email me ! Who knows – you might even get a special mention and/ or a hug!

  • Dress/ Costume making
  • Graphic Design (needed before BiCon itself too)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Sound and Lighting
  • DJs
  • Musicians
  • Tall people (for putting up decorations)